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Control Patient Flow in Hospitals and Medical Offices to provide Effective Patient Care

Simple patient paging reduces stress to patient and creates patient care without the usual issues

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Patient QOS Improved Using Patient Paging Systems

Our on site paging for hospitals allows the hospital to carefully manage patient flow throughout the patients visit. Optimum patient flow is an integral part of creating effective patient care.

We have developed hospital pagers which typically are used in radiology, pharmacy, labs, x-ray, accident and emergency and other departments to call waiting patients. While waiting the patient is able to go to the cafeteria or stroll around the rest areas designated for patients.

Paging and communication tools also eliminate the need for overhead PA systems and maintain patient confidentiality. Flat Screen Systems simply display customer names and remove patient confidentiality in the hospital environment so become less desirable.

We also offer an electronic survey system that collects measurable patient feedback with results delivered the next day. Now you can improve your patient experience quickly and easily.



Room to Room Solutions

Staff and Patient Solutions

Patient and Family Solutions

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Give your patients the ability to contact you immediately they need your service or assistance. Our 'push for Service' buttons are the best in the world. Below are examples of what LRS has to offer in this important area.
PC Paging allows you to instantly and discreetly notify waiting patients or busy staff throughout the facility from virtually ANY web browser. Full wait list control.
Patient pagers are used for any time patients are waiting. With LRS patient pagers you can now allow patients to visit the cafe or stroll in the rest areas of the hospital.

And its so easy to call your patient back when its time for the doctor to see them. 

Management Information and Electronic Surveys


Check Point Survey Tool

This survey device will contribute massively to your management information and allow your dealership to develop strategies for the future based on real feedback from customers.
ccallSolutions Available:

* Coaster Call
* SafeTouch Patient Pager
* Paddle Pagers
* Mobile Phone SMS


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