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First Aid & Staff Communications

Long Range Systems recognizes the need for effective communication within a manufacturing facility. After all, we are one ourselves. Whether you are trying to notify staff of a phone call, QA issue, or required assistance, on premise paging is the solution to help meet those needs.

Our systems consist of push button paging, PC paging, text messaging, forklift & truck driver paging, and telephone interconnect. Speedy communication can have several benefits within an organization.

LRS offers a complete line of paging systems and solutions to solve those issues in your industry.

No matter what communications issues you might have LRS UK can help.

We offer multiple paging and communications solutions specifically designed for manufacturers and logistics industries.






Use for health and safety, first aid paging, production or even deliveries.
butlerxp    Butler XP
A waterproof transmitter for indoors or outdoors use almost anywhere.

PC Paging

Staff Paging: Make communications work perfectly and eliminate overhead calls by using our PC and Network Paging Solution. Notify employees with SMS, email or by the use of a pager. Can be also used for driver paging.
Delivery truck Drivers: Now you can communicate with truck drivers directly. Tell them which bay to go to for loading or unloading. Our systems can page direct to the pagers, or SMS TEXT, or even email the drivers.
ccall Check these types of  pagers:

* Coaster Call Pagers
* Paddle Pagers
* Mobile Phone Paging
* Netpage Unlimited
butlerii    Butler II

A multiple use unit that can be supplied with one or five buttons. Also one dry contact for machinery integration or other use.


    OEM TX

Our OEM TX has four dry contacts for integration in to any systems on site.



Two Way Radios

We supply radios for most applications with accessories to match. Motorola, Opus, Kenwood, iCOM and Vertex among others.


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