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Restaurant Pagers Buzzers from LRS UK 


4 Line Alpha Pager

4 Line Alphanumeric Pager: TEXT PAGER

The alphanumeric TEXT pager from LRS UK is one of the simplest restaurant paging systems available. Fantastic features and works from a single AAA battery for up to 6 months.



1 Line Alphanumeric Pager: ROBUST RECHARGEABLE PAGER

Our Rechargeable Alphanumeric restaurant pagers are completely unique and due to their robust design, this unit can operate on the workshop floor.


SP4 Service Pager

SP4 Service or Server Pager: RECHARGEABLE

The Waiter paging systems for restaurants (also known as a SP4 or Star server pager or buzzer) have four unique LEDs that can, with the correct transmitter, display a number of messages. Its rugged design caters for extended use and will operate for up to 48 hours from one charge.


Coaster Call

CS7 Coaster Call Guest Pager: NEW

The new CS7 Coaster Call guest pager for customers or guests. It’s a very robust restaurant paging system that can work up to 72 hours from just one charge. There are no holes for bacteria to lurk and is easily cleanable for safer paging.


Alpha Coaster Call

Alphanumeric Coaster Call: GUEST PAGERS

The alphanumeric Coaster Call is similar to our original Coaster Call but has a four line TEXT area that can be used to send messages to customers or guests. Rechargeable and very robust.


Adverteaser Pager

Adverteaser Pager: GUEST PAGER

This paddle pager allows you to advertise on BOTH SIDES of the pager. Its a guest pager that operates like our original Coaster Call but has the advantage of being able to place 'promotions' on the pager itself. Tamper proof. Easily cleaned to stop bacteria transmission.



Cell Phone Paging: SMS TEXT PAGING

LRS UK does sell mobile phones, but these are here to link to products that can  SMS text or voice message to any cellphone.



              Further product updates appear on this page over time.




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