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Motorola Two Way Radios

For a simple and affordable way to communicate wirelessly, Motorola two way walkie talkie radios are the perfect solution. At Long Range Systems UK, we offer a diverse selection of high quality Motorola 2 way radios which are ideal for business and everyday use.

Our Motorola 2 way radio products are all competitively priced, so you’re sure to find the perfect system to suit your requirements and budget. The Motorola 2 way radios have a range of 8km (varies depending on the terrain), and are a cost effective communication method as you won’t have to pay any expensive call charges.

Our Motorola two way radios UK range are incredibly simple to use comms, as well as being incredibly robust. Motorola is a securely established brand and has enviable reputation for providing innovative communication products.

For more information on our Motorola two way radios, paging systems and more, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Long Range Systems UK.

Below we examine the features of the XTNi and the XTNiD and in the video on the right you can see some of our radios that we often supply. 

Basically the XTNi and the XTNiD are license free in the UK. BOTH radios have exactly the same features except that the XTNiD has a display which makes the unit easier to use.



  • Pack includes: radio, rechargeable battery, drop in charger tray, power supply unit, belt clip.
  • There are 8 channels with a range up to 9Km.
  • There are 16 pre set channels for ease of use with 122 Interference Eliminator codes - reduces interference from consumer radios.
  • The Keypad lock is useful and the cast metal chassis extends life of the product.
  • Belt clip included and Tri Colour LED as standard (on the XTNiD).
  • 16 channel select knob and volume control. Scan feature and VoX with accessory, iVoX without accessory.
  • There's a Voice scrambling facility on the radio as standard. Nuisance delete and Cloning (via charger or MUC).
  • Automatic power save and a programming mode.
  • Time out timer (can be disabled) Alerts: Channel Busy/Heartbeat/ Transmit LED Low battery alert (audible). 3 call tones (+ off).
  • License Free in the UK



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